Commuter Programs

Contra Costa Centre’s Commuter Programs offer employees cash incentives, subsidies and services to offset the costs of commuting, provide transit alternatives and benefit our community by alleviating traffic congestion. A variety of programs including carpools, vanpools, bike-to-work, walk-to-work, BART and bus ridership are provided to the Centre’s 6,000 workers, resulting in a 30% reduction in single-occupancy vehicles commuting to the area. Additionally, “Guaranteed Ride Home” is a service provided by 511 Contra Costa which ensures that any commuter who needs to get home due to a family emergency will be guaranteed a ride home quickly. For more information about these programs, please contact Contra Costa Centre Association at (925) 935-6337.


Program eligibility requirements:
Programs are on a first-come, first-served basis. All employees must apply in person. Participants must be employed at a Contra Costa Centre participating building. All participants must show identification with place of residence and proof of employment. Check imprints will not be accepted as proof of residence. Business cards will not be accepted as proof of employment. Employee badge with employer logo, letter from employer or paystub with employee name will be accepted as proof of employment.

Addtitional program descriptions and eligibility requirements are outlined in each specific program application.


Purchase $50 BART fare and pay $15 – $35 savings
$35 savings


$30 gas card

Carpool to work three times per week and receive $30 a month in gas cards.


$30 towards bus fare

Ride the bus to work three times per week and receive $30 towards bus fare.


$25 certificate for Thursday lunch or Friday night food trucks

Bike or walk to work twelve times in two months and received $25 certificate to food trucks.