Innovative Car and Bike Program


Development of the Centre’s One-of-a-Kind Car and Bike program in 2005 created greater workplace accessibility for employees throughout the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village. The program provides access to the Centre’s fleet of low-speed vehicles that make it quicker and more affordable during the workday for workers at the Centre to run errands and attend meetings. The program has not only been effective in discouraging single-occupant vehicle use at the Centre during the day, it also provides employees with a great way to get away for lunch or a noontime meeting without having to take their car out. And the community benefits as well by sparing our environment from the harm done from cold-start automobile gas emissions. In 2023 the Green Fleet program was expanded with an upgraded fleet of electric bicycles, bikes, and car sharing vehicles and the automation of the four docking stations. Computerized automation of the docking stations, combined with a feature for making online vehicle reservations, has made on-site vehicle access easier and more efficient.

Technology for efficient and comfortable sharing

The Green Fleet uses and IOS/Android app to book, lock, and unlock the cars and bikes. The cars and bikes are connected, efficiently managed, and shared on this platform. This ensures that employees can see the availability of cars and bikes in an app, and book a car or bike via that app.

The shareable vehicles are located at the following buildings and available for all.

  • 2999.Oak Road
  • 1340 Treat Boulevard
  • 1350 Treat Boulevard
  • 3055 Oak Road (CSAA employees)

Call or email Contra Costa Centre today to sign up to use the cars* and bike at 925-935-6337 or

*Cars can be booked by employees who use a commuter alternative (BART, Bus, Bike/Walk) to work. Contact CCCA for more information.

Download Waiver of Liability

For the use of a car sharing vehicle, only employees arriving at their worksite at the Contra Costa Centre that take a commute alternative such as public transit (BART, bus, train), vanpool, bicycle or by walking are eligible. The use of a car sharing vehicle is not available to employees who drive alone or carpool to their worksite.

At the time of registering for the car sharing vehicle, drivers must have proof of a valid California drivers license, must be 21 years of age, have proof of their residence, proof of their current employer, and show proof of having personal automobile liability insurance coverage. Employees must pass a DMV check that includes verification of their driver’s license, driving record and qualify with Contra Costa Centre Association’s insurance carrier’s guidelines in order for employee to be eligible to use the car sharing vehicles. A copy of the employee’s driver’s license will be held on file by the Contra Costa Centre Association.